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Crocs Baby Booties On Etsy

Have you seen these adorable hand made Crocs baby booties on Etsy? There are a few different sellers making these, I like these ones with the smiley face buttons :)

Crocs Baby Booties On Esty

Crocs Pet Beds

Who says pets can’t be as comfortable as the rest of us? These pet beds in the shape of the Crocs Classics are pretty cool. They’ve got multiple colors and styles over at Sasquatch Pet Beds, go check em’ out!

Adventures in Real Estate

I am a Realtor. Say “Realtor” out loud…did you say it “Real-ah-tore” or “Real-tore”? Do you know the correct pronunciation? It is “Real-tore”. I learned this in my classes last summer. My teacher, who was a bit of a pill, told us, “You wouldn’t say ‘Doc-ah-tore’ would you?” I may try that at my next Doctors appointment….”Hey, Doc-ah-tore Adeli, how’s it going?”

My new badge!

The adventures available to me as a Realtor are endless. I can create as much mayhem as I like in my week or avoid it if I prefer. Let’s start with showing homes. The first step is to call the Realtors who have listed the homes for sale to request a ‘showing’.

When I call for a ‘showing’ I can get the normal, “OK, what time would you like to come?” Or I can get, “Ummmm…well, this family, they have like, six kids and four cats. Are you OK with cats? And the kids, well, they will probably all be home. Is that OK?” Ummmm…NO! I have also heard, “I have to be honest with you. The people who live at this home are totally crazy. When you get there, be sure to yell, “REALTOR” when you enter the house. They will probably yell at you for being there, but tell them I said it was OK to show the home.”

"Hello, Grandma? Can we come in?"

My favorite so far…a listing sheet I carried with me to a showing said in fine print, “Kindly Elderly Grandma and two small dogs will be home at all times. They should not be a bother.” I read this line out loud to my clients as we stood on the front porch of this particular home. All three of us said, “Awww, sweet Grandma! It will be nice to meet her.” I rang the doorbell and we immediately heard dogs bark followed by, “SHUT UP YOU ^%$*# DOGS! SHUTTTTT UPPPP!” My clients looked at me, I looked at them and we all busted out laughing! Grandma opened the door as sweet as pie, as if no yelling or swearing had just occurred. Priceless!

Is your home for sale right now? Or are you looking for a new home? I bet you have a few stories as well….tell me, I may write a book!

Another Mini Darth Vadar

I love my friends…they always have something entertaining for me to blog about!

I am sure you saw the Super Bowl commercial featuring the little kid with the Darth Vadar costume on. Well, not to be out-done, my pals Frank and Kirsten have a little Darth of their own to cast his magic! Enjoy this!

I meet up with my girlfriends Pam and Kirsten every Monday night to watch ‘The Bachelor’ or whatever is currently on. The next show will be “Dancing With the Stars’….it is always fun to watch silly shows like this as a pack. It makes it more fun to yell at the TV! What shows are you currently into…any suggestions for my girls’ nights?

Dogs and Crocs….A Troublesome Pair

When my Crocs are delivered at my front door or brought into the house from the car, our dogs don’t take notice. They are more interested in rabbits in the backyard and where their next snack is coming from.

Gia Ate the Blitzens AGAIN!

Mmmmm, YUM! Good Blitzen bites!

My friend Laura has a different house of dogs. Her pit bull Gia loves the Blitzen. And when I say ”love” I mean “loves to eat” the Blitzen. A few times over! Laura will be making her third purchase of Blitzens soon!

 Does this happen to you? Do you have a pet who loves to chew your Crocs? Why do you think they like them? Because they smell like their owners? Or because they are simply delicious and not hard to dig into?

Laura’s other dog, Arthur, has not chewed any Crocs yet. I think if Arthur does get into the Crocs, there will be a real problem….where would he even digest all that Crocs deliciousness?

Arthur....too little to eat those delish Crocs!

Crocs Brings the Love to Brides

Have you ever been to a post-Thanksgiving Day sale at say, somewhere like, Macy’s or Bloomingdales? Women line up outside the store hours before it’s open, all for the opportunity to stand elbow-to-elbow with other shoppers intent on finding the best bargains. It is not for the faint-hearted. Bargain-hunting women can be more competitive than most professional athletes. Look out!

Waiting for the doors to open

The Running of the Bride event sponsored by Filene’s Basement in Altanta, Georgia is like that…only with about 100 times the intensity. This morning, close to 1000 brides-to-be lined up outside of Filene’s, waiting for the doors to open so that they could find the “perfect” dress at bargain prices. (Media coverage of the event can be seen here and here.)

While these women waited on line for hours in the early hours of the morning, Crocs, Inc. was there to provide a little love and comfort with shoe and coupon giveaways. After all, the perfect dress has to have the perfect shoes, does it not?

Crocs gives away shoes and coupons

Crocs’ reception ready shoe styles are just what these brides need. I know that when I was married 29 years ago (oh, no, wait, I mean almost five lovely years ago–love you, honey!), I couldn’t wait to take off my torturous strappy shoes at the reception and put on my fun, cozy flats. They were nicely hidden under my long gown, but they were so cute that I was happy to show them off to friends and family, too.

Now other brides have this same option with styles such as the Lady and Malindi.  A veteran bride, myself, I wish I could take each one of these ladies aside and tell them that it’s not just about the hair, the make-up and finding the awesome 80′s cover band that will belt out an awesome rendition of Celebration. Go ahead and worry about the other bigger details like the food, invitations and flowers (because we know you will anyway). Let Crocs take care of your feet, ladies. You should have a fantastic time at what will likely be one of the biggest parties you’ll ever throw. Have fun!

One lucky bride-to-be's tweet

And to all those women who braved the big sale this morning, congratulations. Hope you found what you were looking for.

Our new friend, the Melbourne

Today it is gloomy out here in Colorado, but with new spring styles arriving on our web site, we can’t help but get excited for warmer weather.

The Melbourne for men and women is the first of many spring styles now available on Crocs.com.  One of our favorites for its versatility, the Melbourne is a laid-back loafer style and is perfect for those who want to look chic in a casual, comfortable shoe.  Visit Crocs.com to see other new styles available over the next several weeks.  And of course, let us know what you think! Tell us which styles and colors you love and can’t wait to slip into this spring.

Crocs on The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert, host of The Colbert Report, recently mentioned Crocs on his show! On the December 7th episode, Colbert mentioned high-heeled Crocs as one of the craziest things he’s ever heard…

Well we have news for you, Mr. Collbert! Crocs has many great high heels and wedges, both in the Crocs and YOU by Crocs collections.

To watch the full episode of The Colbert Report, click here.

20% off Crocs.com Today Only!

Happy Monday everyone! Looking for a great holiday shopping deal? Look no further! Crocs is here to help you out with 20% off of your entire purchase on Crocs.com today only. Combined with our free shipping for the month of December, that sure makes for a great deal!

For more deals like this one, be sure to follow @CrocsOnline on Twitter. Also, for all of our Spanish speaking fans, Crocs.com is now available in Spanish. Happy shopping!