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Work at Crocs for the Holidays!

We’re gearing up for the holidays and recruiting for temporary holiday hiring help!

By working at our stores over the holidays, you can:

1.   Earn some extra spending cash for the holidays
2.   Receive a 50% discount on shoes for family and friends
3.   Have the opportunity to work for a great company (if we do say so ourselves!)


visit a Crocs store* near you to chat with a manager and apply today!

*Please note this applies to Crocs-owned Stores, Kiosks and Outlets only, job availability within our retail partner stores will vary.

Winter Crocs Time!

Are you like me….going straight from flip flops directly to boots in the cooler weather? I really don’t have any in-between shoes. Until now! I hit the Crocs Outlet in Aurora, Illinois and found some new pals for my feet.

Good bye, Prepair II...can't wear socks with you...

Hello poor-pedicure hiding Candace Clog!

Start with the cute Candace Clog. This will replace my daily Athens flip and new favorite foot-massaging Prepair II flip.   

TaTa for now, leg-toning machines!

Hello animal frenzy Carlie Flat!

Then for work, as long as it is not snowing and I have time to paint at least my big toenail and second toenail, I can show off my animal prints with my Carlie Flat. This means saying TTFN to my glorious leg-toning Skylar Flip. *Sniff* See ‘ya on my feet in Florida in December, flip flops!

Now THIS is a birthday party

Ever been to a kid’s birthday party that makes you say, “Now THIS is a party…!” (Don’t miss this video of it!)Ted and I were lucky enough to attend one recently for our friend’s one-year-old. When we drove up the party-goers were treated to my face in the passenger window mouthing, “OH MY GOSH! THERE ARE PONIES!”

Of course Tanner slept through most of the fun which is a good thing. If he saw the details of this party he would be begging for ponies!

The petting zoo was pretty funny…the goats were happily eating the provided goat snacks from kids. And the pig was sucking up the leftovers. The ponies walked up and down the sidewalk with kids on their backs leaving nice piles behind, entertaining everyone! The ponies were leaving piles, not the kids…

Crocs, Inc. Introduces New Golf Shoe Collection

Crocs, Inc. Introduces New Golf Shoe Collection

New styles developed with world-renowned golf instructor Hank Haney

Niwot, Colo. – September 14, 2011 –Crocs, Inc. (NASDAQ: CROX) today announced a new golf line designed in partnership with internationally-recognized golf instructor Hank Haney. The Crocs Golf with Hank Haney collection will launch in the spring of 2012 and feature a number of men’s and women’s styles that can be worn both on and off the course.

The new collection strikes the perfect balance of utmost comfort for which Crocs shoes are known, with technical engineering for the casual golfer.  Each of the four Crocs Golf with Hank Haney styles were designed with input from Haney based on his experience over the past 35 years instructing more than 200 touring professionals from the PGA, LPGA, Champions, European, Japanese, Australian and Asian tours.

Crocs Golf with Hank Haney provides an alternative to traditional golf shoes for the recreational player. All of the styles feature Croslite™ material midsoles that provide form-to-foot cushioning not found in any other golf shoe.

The new styles in the Crocs Golf with Hank Haney collection include:

  • Men’s Preston (MSRP: $99.99, sizes M5 – M13). Featuring premium water-resistant leather upper and classic styling, this shoe offers players a lightweight design that increases flexibility. The Preston will be available in Espresso/White, Espresso/Khaki, Black/White, Charcoal/Pumpkin, White/Parrot Green and Black/Sea Blue.
  • Men’s and Women’s Bradyn (MSRP: $99.99, sizes M5 – M13 and W4 – W11). With the look and feel of a sneaker, the Bradyn is highlighted by a water-resistant leather upper that works both on and off the course. The men’s Bradyn will be available in Black/Parrot Green, Espresso/White, Navy/White and White/Sea Blue. The women’s Braden will be available in White/Fuchsia, White/Turquoise and Electric Blue/White.
  • Men’s Drayden (MSRP: $89.99, sizes M5 – M13) With a breathable CrosMesh™ upper, the Drayden allows for cooling ventilation on warm days, making it the perfect shoe for warm golf climates. The Drayden will be available in White/Parrot Green and White/Navy.
  • Men’s and Women’s XTG Pro Sandal (MSRP: $79.99, sizes M7 – M13 and W4 – W11). A truly comfortable golf sandal, the XTG Pro has an innovative 3-point adjustable strap system for a secure fit. The men’s XTG Pro Sandal will be available in Espresso/Black and Sea Blue/White and the women’s XTG Pro Sandal will be available in Sea Foam/White.

“I spend a lot of time in and around the golf course so functionality and comfort are extremely important to me,” said Haney. “Crocs listened to my input and suggestions, and I believe the Crocs Golf with Hank Haney collection provides golf fans with a complete golf shoe that combines style, performance, and all around comfort. From the range to the clubhouse, the collection features a variety of styles for both men and women.”

“The Crocs Golf collection is a natural brand extension for Crocs as it offers a casual alternative to the traditional golf shoe,” said Dale Bathum, senior vice president of product development for Crocs. “They still provide all of the same technical engineering, but with the comfort and innovative design consumers have come to expect from Crocs footwear. The launch of this new line continues to showcase the depth and breadth of our styles. Currently, we offer more than 250 styles of Crocs shoes, ranging from the original clog-style shoe to wedges, flats, boots and, now golf shoes.”

Crocs Golf with Hank Haney will be available starting in spring 2012.  More information about Crocs is available here.

The Great Morel Mushroom Hunt…

The perfect snack...sauteed in butter over ANYTHING!

The first time you have Morel mushrooms you usually remember the taste and will always want more. Three years ago my Mom said, “Well…you know, I have some ideas where to find them. Want to go out hunting today?” That day I lost myself in the woods, found 3 pounds of Morels and located Mom 3 hours later. She was MAD! She was looking for me while I had my head down, plucking mushrooms. Once I knew I was lost, I was so far gone I found myself on a main road to follow home! I had blisters, was sweaty but had tons of mushrooms.

Line up, little 'shrooms...

We know how to identify the safe ones and what the wrong ones look like. We have never seen the wrong ones in person…I don’t think they grow around here. I am obsessed with searching for them and love to eat them. Do YOU hunt Morels? Where? And is this season good for you so far?

These are Mushroom Huntin' Boots!

This year I get to enjoy the hunt in my chic black Crocband Jaunts. They are great even without socks!

Crocs Baby Booties On Etsy

Have you seen these adorable hand made Crocs baby booties on Etsy? There are a few different sellers making these, I like these ones with the smiley face buttons :)

Crocs Baby Booties On Esty

Crocs Pet Beds

Who says pets can’t be as comfortable as the rest of us? These pet beds in the shape of the Crocs Classics are pretty cool. They’ve got multiple colors and styles over at Sasquatch Pet Beds, go check em’ out!

Adventures in Real Estate

I am a Realtor. Say “Realtor” out loud…did you say it “Real-ah-tore” or “Real-tore”? Do you know the correct pronunciation? It is “Real-tore”. I learned this in my classes last summer. My teacher, who was a bit of a pill, told us, “You wouldn’t say ‘Doc-ah-tore’ would you?” I may try that at my next Doctors appointment….”Hey, Doc-ah-tore Adeli, how’s it going?”

My new badge!

The adventures available to me as a Realtor are endless. I can create as much mayhem as I like in my week or avoid it if I prefer. Let’s start with showing homes. The first step is to call the Realtors who have listed the homes for sale to request a ‘showing’.

When I call for a ‘showing’ I can get the normal, “OK, what time would you like to come?” Or I can get, “Ummmm…well, this family, they have like, six kids and four cats. Are you OK with cats? And the kids, well, they will probably all be home. Is that OK?” Ummmm…NO! I have also heard, “I have to be honest with you. The people who live at this home are totally crazy. When you get there, be sure to yell, “REALTOR” when you enter the house. They will probably yell at you for being there, but tell them I said it was OK to show the home.”

"Hello, Grandma? Can we come in?"

My favorite so far…a listing sheet I carried with me to a showing said in fine print, “Kindly Elderly Grandma and two small dogs will be home at all times. They should not be a bother.” I read this line out loud to my clients as we stood on the front porch of this particular home. All three of us said, “Awww, sweet Grandma! It will be nice to meet her.” I rang the doorbell and we immediately heard dogs bark followed by, “SHUT UP YOU ^%$*# DOGS! SHUTTTTT UPPPP!” My clients looked at me, I looked at them and we all busted out laughing! Grandma opened the door as sweet as pie, as if no yelling or swearing had just occurred. Priceless!

Is your home for sale right now? Or are you looking for a new home? I bet you have a few stories as well….tell me, I may write a book!

A day in the life of Kat’s Crocs

Ever wonder how often I actually wear Crocs? The honest truth is, every day!

On a typical Tuesday my day starts with a treadmill workout in my trusty Athens. Comiskey and Wrigley cats join me to “Play Treats” which is fancy for me just tossing some round cat food pellets into the adjacent rooms for them to chase. Wrigley loves to sit and shake his tail, meowing and wait for me to yell, “Go!” and toss the food.

My trusty Athens and Comiskey looking for a treat...

Then off to Pilates for an early class. I am usually in my Crocs Tones for this appointment because they are easy to flip on and off and fun to run some errands in afterwards.

Lately real estate has brought me all over the Chicagoland area looking at homes and townhomes with clients! The best boots for this wet weather? The Crocband Boot. Easy to pop on, easy to take off when the sign at the front door says, “Please remove your shoes. This may be YOUR new carpet you are walking on!” I need the time to look over paperwork while my clients are fussing over their shoes….thanks, Crocs!

My new dream boot…look at that animal pattern! Kat likes…

I am desperate for summer to get here. Once it does, I am in my ABF flips, Athens flips, Crocband Flips and Satelys daily!

What is an Ambassador?

Ambassadors are everywhere! Here is one in Scottsdale! She directed me to an awesome restaurant called Citizen Public House!

I get this question often….”So then, what IS an Ambassador?”

Defined by Merriam-Webster as “An official envoy; especially: a diplomatic agent of the highest rank accredited to a foreign government or sovereign as the resident representative of his or her own government or sovereign or appointed for a special and often temporary diplomatic assignment”. This makes me laugh, because I will probably never be the mayor of anything, let alone a ‘diplomatic agent’! But I can see how it is a ‘special and temporary assignment’!

It is further defined as, “an authorized representative or messenger”. I certainly like to talk a lot. So a messenger I am! And I have become quite the expert on all that is Crocs! So I am truly an authorized representative. Shoot me your questions, tell me what kind of shoe you need…I have tried them all!