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Crocs Pet Beds

Who says pets can’t be as comfortable as the rest of us? These pet beds in the shape of the Crocs Classics are pretty cool. They’ve got multiple colors and styles over at Sasquatch Pet Beds, go check em’ out!

Backjoy For Crocs Employees

While Crocs is on a mission to make the world more comfortable one pair of shoes at a time, they are also always looking for ways to maximize the comfort of their employees.

So on Friday at Crocs HQ, we all received BackJoy seat cushions. According to the site they, “Improve your posture, eliminate your back pain, and change the way you feel after sitting for extended periods of time.”

So after sitting on these for a few hours the consensus is in: according to Phil Tuttle, Online Affiliate Manager, and Ben Newson, Search Engine Marketing Analyst, “although they look a little funny (something we at Crocs are very used to), they’re pretty darn comfortable.”

So there you have it folks, BackJoy: Pretty Darn Comfortable.

Phil & Ben keeping it comfortable

Adventures in Real Estate

I am a Realtor. Say “Realtor” out loud…did you say it “Real-ah-tore” or “Real-tore”? Do you know the correct pronunciation? It is “Real-tore”. I learned this in my classes last summer. My teacher, who was a bit of a pill, told us, “You wouldn’t say ‘Doc-ah-tore’ would you?” I may try that at my next Doctors appointment….”Hey, Doc-ah-tore Adeli, how’s it going?”

My new badge!

The adventures available to me as a Realtor are endless. I can create as much mayhem as I like in my week or avoid it if I prefer. Let’s start with showing homes. The first step is to call the Realtors who have listed the homes for sale to request a ‘showing’.

When I call for a ‘showing’ I can get the normal, “OK, what time would you like to come?” Or I can get, “Ummmm…well, this family, they have like, six kids and four cats. Are you OK with cats? And the kids, well, they will probably all be home. Is that OK?” Ummmm…NO! I have also heard, “I have to be honest with you. The people who live at this home are totally crazy. When you get there, be sure to yell, “REALTOR” when you enter the house. They will probably yell at you for being there, but tell them I said it was OK to show the home.”

"Hello, Grandma? Can we come in?"

My favorite so far…a listing sheet I carried with me to a showing said in fine print, “Kindly Elderly Grandma and two small dogs will be home at all times. They should not be a bother.” I read this line out loud to my clients as we stood on the front porch of this particular home. All three of us said, “Awww, sweet Grandma! It will be nice to meet her.” I rang the doorbell and we immediately heard dogs bark followed by, “SHUT UP YOU ^%$*# DOGS! SHUTTTTT UPPPP!” My clients looked at me, I looked at them and we all busted out laughing! Grandma opened the door as sweet as pie, as if no yelling or swearing had just occurred. Priceless!

Is your home for sale right now? Or are you looking for a new home? I bet you have a few stories as well….tell me, I may write a book!

Another Mini Darth Vadar

I love my friends…they always have something entertaining for me to blog about!

I am sure you saw the Super Bowl commercial featuring the little kid with the Darth Vadar costume on. Well, not to be out-done, my pals Frank and Kirsten have a little Darth of their own to cast his magic! Enjoy this!

I meet up with my girlfriends Pam and Kirsten every Monday night to watch ‘The Bachelor’ or whatever is currently on. The next show will be “Dancing With the Stars’….it is always fun to watch silly shows like this as a pack. It makes it more fun to yell at the TV! What shows are you currently into…any suggestions for my girls’ nights?

The African Children's Choir in Crocs

Crocs recently donated 50 pairs of shoes to the African Children’s Choir to wear as they travel around the United States  from show to show. The African Children’s Choir is made up of vulnerable children from different countries in Africa. Many of the children have lost their parents to poverty or disease. The African Children’s Choir helps these children overcome poverty and spread their message of hope to the entire world. They have been featured on CNN’s Inside Africa, as well as American Idol. For more information about the African Children’s Choir and how you can help, visit their website.

A Nod to Our Twitter Followers

In case  you haven’t heard, @Crocs is on Twitter! We love interacting with our fans on a daily basis, and occasionally they share their Crocs stories and photos with us. Below are two photos we are excited to share:

First, @CathrynCook share a photo of her new Malindis!

And @TheAngelForever showed us her new Nadia boots!

We are so thankful for all of our Twitter friends!

Hidden Surprises at Crocs.com

Hello Crocs community! As revealed by the @CrocsOnline Twitter account, there is a hidden promotional code on Crocs.com. Look high, low and wide for a little holiday surprise! These hidden messages are often called Easter eggs, and this particular Easter egg will get you additional savings on our website. Let us know if you have any luck, and happy hunting!

Crocs in Kenya

Crocs Cares recently visited Nairobi, Kenya to donate shoes to local Maasai school children. Most of the children were either shoeless or wearing shoes that were very old and worn. Crocs was happy to be able to give these children the basic necessity of sturdy, protective footwear. Many of these children walk miles to school each day, and we’re honored to help make that journey a little more comfortable for them.

How are you helping others this season? Happy Holidays from Crocs.