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Early Christmas Crocs…Results…Happy Feet!

This past weekend was an early Christmas for part of my family. It wouldn’t be Christmas without snow, cold and blizzard conditions which kept us overnight in Bloomington, Illinois an extra night!

Of course, the best gifts to give AND receive this year are Crocs! I was able to fit everyone in the family from little Chloe in the toddler’s CrocaSally to Uncle Bob in the traditional Classic Clog in Lime!

Other big hits included the Linden for Dad Fish and plaid Santa Cruz for Johnny!

My go-to winter boot...fits men, too!

My Jaunt boots got a workout this weekend with all the snow…they are my new favorite snow shoveling and walking in the ice and snow boots. These boots are so easy to hop in and out of, I busted a few family members trying them out while running to their cars in the driveway or getting the paper in the snow.

A Day and a Night on a Boat

Andrea, Charlie, Teddy and Frank living it up in the sun one last time...

The end of summer was here. And then summer came back! For one awesome day in St. Charles, Illinois, we were able to enjoy the last of the summer sun on a boat. Our friends Andrea and Charlie asked if we would like to hop on the boat and cruise the Fox River. I was watching my nephews and niece that day and they were invited along as well.

Alec, CC and Zach hamming it up in St. Charles

In order to properly thank our hosts, I brought a pair of Crocs along for Andrea. She tried on the ABF Flips and the Crocband Flips. Guess which pair she chose to keep? Invite me on your boat…I always have Crocs ready to give as gifts!

The kids loved the boat ride. Living in a town with water nearby, you would think we have been on that river a thousand times in our lives. Not so! It is rare to have a boat on this leg of the river and even rarer to have friends who live ON the river or near it. Thanks to our friends we had a great day, got a little sunburned and enjoyed fun conversation! Until next year…..!

The St. Charles Municipal Center from the boat at night....beautiful and historic