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Dad, Baseball and a Secret Santa

Me and Teddy before I tossed out a first pitch for the Kane County Cougars...in our Crocs Athens!

As I write this, I have tears in my eyes! Ahh, the holiday season. Is it the stress piling up on me? Maybe it is the content of this blog….

Hello, Old School! My Dad's favorite Crocs....the Athens!

I recently submitted a short story about my Dad and a favorite memory I recalled during Christmas time. It was published, thanks to a great writer named Tom Matlack. For those of you who know my Dad, you are already laughing, crying or waiting in anticipation. Here is what I wrote:

On Christmas Day in 1991, my dad gave me an envelope. Inside was a contract for four seats at the brand-new local minor-league baseball team, the Kane County Cougars. The best! I had only mentioned I was interested in discovering how much these tickets may be—and here I had an entire season of baseball ahead. Dad was so excited, so happy for me! This gift meant he really “got” me, that he knew I liked sports, especially baseball.

The phone rang during lunch at my parents’ house. It was a call from the GM of the Cougars. He was “very sorry” but the four front-row tickets we had were unfortunately sold to a large corporation and we needed to reselect our seats. My dad was crestfallen. He stopped everything. He told me to get my coat and hat. It was snowing outside and a foot had fallen the day before. We showed up at the stadium, all smiles and excitement. The GM invited us to walk around the new stadium and pick out some other seats. Dad and I giggled, slipped, fell, got up again, and sat in piles of snow on seats to see our vantage points of the field. It was a wonderful daddy-daughter bonding experience. I still have the season tickets to this day. I will always have warm memories of that day and how Dad was so happy to give me something he knew I’d love.

I wrote this some time ago. Since then my husband and I decided it was not in our budget to own the tickets for the first time in my Kane County Cougars fandom. Of course I was bummed out but I knew I could get to a few games without season seats. I told a few friends about this in passing and suddenly a Secret Santa appeared. This person refuses to be revealed! My Secret Santa told me, “You know, Katie, you are THE biggest baseball fan I know. You LOVE the Cougars. I want to do this for you….I am going to buy the seats for you this year. It is important to you and I am so happy to do this. Plus, you are expecting a brand new Cougars fan in July. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to dress your new baby in a Cougars outfit for playoffs, do you?”

I send piles of love and holiday wishes to my Secret Santa. I hope to pay it forward very soon…..

Early Christmas Crocs…Results…Happy Feet!

This past weekend was an early Christmas for part of my family. It wouldn’t be Christmas without snow, cold and blizzard conditions which kept us overnight in Bloomington, Illinois an extra night!

Of course, the best gifts to give AND receive this year are Crocs! I was able to fit everyone in the family from little Chloe in the toddler’s CrocaSally to Uncle Bob in the traditional Classic Clog in Lime!

Other big hits included the Linden for Dad Fish and plaid Santa Cruz for Johnny!

My go-to winter boot...fits men, too!

My Jaunt boots got a workout this weekend with all the snow…they are my new favorite snow shoveling and walking in the ice and snow boots. These boots are so easy to hop in and out of, I busted a few family members trying them out while running to their cars in the driveway or getting the paper in the snow.

Holiday Shopping- what’s your pick?

Tomorrow is the first day of December and that means the holidays are upon us! For those celebrating Hanukkah, your eight days of lights begins this week. If you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa or maybe even Festivus, then you’ve got a little more time to get in some shopping.

In the past few days, Crocs helped shoppers out in a big way by providing huge markdowns and savings on shoes both in stores and online. Black Friday this year found shoppers not only scouring the malls for huge deals at early hours, but also looking for those same sales online. Crocs had a buy one, get one 50% sale for Black Friday and rumor has it that our customers were stocking up not only on shoes for the holidays but well into next year.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday followed a more “traditional” route with online sales available to anyone with a keyboard and a mouse. Surely there is something for everyone online at Crocs, right? Have you done your holiday shopping? What’s on your list?

Fear not, if you haven’t finished your shopping, there are plenty of deals left to be had. Sign up for our newsletters and be the first to know when the new deals become available. Mobile user? Sign up for December Deals of the Day by texting “DEALS” to 27627.

(Oh, and for all you cat herder’s out there, happy Cat Herder’s Day to you- December 15th.)