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Animal Attraction

It seems like just last week that I was out in Boulder, Colorado hanging out with all the Crocs Ambassador candidates! What a great trip filled with such cool people! I told my friends and family how amazing it was that Crocs had such interesting and friendly Ambassador finalists.

When I thought about it, I realized we were invited to Boulder for final interviews based on social networking votes alone. Crocs trusted America (and beyond!) to vote for us and deliver them some cool people.

As a sales manager, I used to interview 20 job applicants to find one person who could fit the bill. And many times there were some nutty applicants. Like the woman who took a phone call from her utility company during our interview and proceeded to swear at them about her bill while I sat and waited for her to hang up. Or the guy who stood up during the interview and yelled, “These questions are crazy. I am outta here!” And I can’t forget the woman who insisted on wearing her fox fur coat the entire interview and asked if I would like to touch it.

Maybe if 'Fur Coat Lady' was wearing these, I would have wanted to touch them!

For Crocs to have gathered such a neat group of people, none of us nut bags, I count myself lucky! We all learned about each other, appreciated the time together, and still stay in touch. Way to go, Crocs! You rock.

Get ON my foot, little leopard flat!

While in Boulder last year, we were shown some exclusive styles and patterns for the future seasons. Here are my new faves…in animal prints, of course!