New Soft Shoe

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New Soft Shoe

Los Angeles Magazine, Nov 1, 2005

Crocs are unlikely candidates for celebrity footwear. Bulbous and cheap-$30 to $40 a pop-and made of a squishy resin that feels like sponge cake between your toes, they would seem to have little allure for a demographic temperamentally inclined to Prada and Manolo Blahnik. Rolled out as a slip-resistant shoe at boat shows in late 2002, Crocs were originally intended for anglers and weekend sailors. They’ve since moved well beyond that niche to seduce nurses, beachgoers, and of course, Hollywood’s elite. They made an appearance on Adam Sandler’s feet this spring at the premiere of The Longest Yard. Faith Hill raved about them in an interview for Country Music Television. Matt Damon sent a handwritten note to the company reading “Crocs rock.” Thanks in part to such gratis endorsements, Colorado-based manufacturer Crocs Inc. has sold 2.1 million pairs in the first half of this year.

-Andrew Rosenblum

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