How to Wash Your Crocs Mammoth Liners

During the cold days of winter, there’s nothing I want to do more when I get home from work is slip into warm, comfy clothes – and my Mammoth Crocs™ shoes.

Every few weeks or so, I look down at my feet and go “YIKES!” Those comfy liners do get dirty when you wear them as much as I do. Well, I’m here to show you how I take care of my liners in a few easy steps!

Step 1 : Remove liner

To do this is pretty simple, but there are best practices to avoid putting too much pressure on the rivets. First, flip the heel portion of the liner so that the liner become loose around the outside of the clog.

Flip Back of Liner

Flip Back of Liner

Next, you’ll want to place your thumb firmly on top of the exterior surface of the rivet and carefully peel liner back, away from the rivet. You’ll then want to repeat that for the other side.

Remove Liner from River

Step 2: Wash liner

Now that the liner is removed, we’ll want to wash it. Hand washing is the only recommended way to wash the liner. I use a mild soap and simply scrub away at the dirt. We do not recommend using bleach.


After washing, LINE DRY. Do not put in a washing machine. The heat could shrink the liner and, unfortunately, we do not sell replacement liners!

Step 3: Replace Liner

Once the liner is dry, it’s time to put it back onto the clog.

First, Place liner on hand like a glove.  You should be able to stick your hand into the shoe and place the liner so that it reaches all the way to the toe of the shoe.

Now, thread the exterior surface of the rivet through the slot in the liner. Do this for each side.


Place heel portion of the liner over the heel of the shoe and test to make sure liner is in place.

Once that is done, your Mammoth liner should be clean and ready to use again! Of course, if your liner is really worn out, it may be time to purchase a new pair. Check out our assortment of Mammoth products over at!

You can find this information – along with other tips and information – on the FAQ page located here. If you have any customer service issues, please email or call 1-866-306-3179.

Editors Note: We now have Mammoth Liners for Sale: They are just arriving in inventory, so if they appear to not have any in stock – check back in a few days. I thought this would make many people happy and show that we’re listening to our customers! Thanks for your patience!!!