Crocs Cares

As a global leader in casual footwear, Crocs, Inc. looks out not only for the comfort of our fans, but also for the health and wellbeing of communities in need. Giving back is a strong part of Crocs’ culture, and the Crocs Cares program provides a platform for Crocs employees to support organizations that benefit local and global communities alike. Since 2007, more than 2.5 million pairs of shoes were distributed to those in need in impoverished areas, as well as those affected by natural disasters in more than 40 countries. Most recently, we donated more than 80,000 pairs of shoes to one of Haiti’s largest medical providers, an organization dedicated to providing healthcare following the country’s devastating earthquake. Because of the lack of footwear worldwide, non-profit donation partners such as UNICEF, Brothers Brother Foundation, and Feed The Children, to name a few, have teamed up with Crocs Cares to reduce the rate of skin infections, parasites, and cuts acquired through the lack of foot protection. With these partner organizations, we seek to provide families and children with information and education on the importance of proper footwear.